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One of the first homebred colts we kept from our gypsy program, Masque was a stunner from the moment he was born.  He has the temperament, personality and color line up to make it the whole package.  Even with that, we never could have seen the absolutely massive incredible stallion this boy would turn into. He got the best of everything from this sire and dam and ran with it.  Massive bone, feather, and size, this boy is impressive.  We are currently offering him for sale to an excellent home, and yes we will be selective.  I never thought this boy would ever leave me, and he might not, but we have kept some of his offspring and are cutting back due to some life changes, so tentatively my stunning Masque is for sale. Email for more information :
Northern Lights Midnight Masquerade
15.1h Black Sabino Appaloosa
**Homebred Stallion of Prince x Apple**
$1000 stud fee
Heavy, massive bone & feather, big blocky body - short back and presence.
Excellent for larger Gypsys, some color, and Drums & Friesians. This boy will add to your mare.
Incredible heavy foals on the ground ~ Gave his LP (appy) to every foal and his Sb1 to 3 as well.
Available AI & Live Cover
Masque Photo Gallery - Click for larger pictures
~Northern Lights Imperial Deception ~ Sabino & Appaloosa - Out of E'rial - Wisconsin
~ Alis ~ Black Appaloosa - out of Marvel
~ Northern Lights Copper Top ~ Silver Chestnut Sabino Appaloosa - Out of Eden - Owned by Northern Lights Ranch
~ Northern Lights Midnight Sapphire ~ Black Sabino Pintaloosa - out of Breena - Canada
~ Northern Lights Twisted Carnivale ~ Black Appaloosa - out of Twister - owned by Northern Lights Ranch
Masque Offspring Photo Gallery - Click for larger pictures & Information
Amazing Horses in Masque's Bloodlines - Click for larger pictures
~Clononeen Isabel ~ Canada
~ Northern Lights Midnight Masquerade ~ Owned by Northern Lights Ranch
~ Clononeen White Desert Prince ~ Texas, USA
~ Hermits Ghost Dancing ~ Idaho, USA
~ Clononeen Darrig ~ Status Unknown
~ Tansy of Darcy ~ Status unknown
~ Kylkenny ~ Status unknown
~ Dutchess of  Hermis ~ Status unknown
~ Hermits Duke ~ Status unknown
~ Hermits Lonely Ghost ~ Hermits House Cobs
~The Roadsweeper UK ~ Status Unknown
~The Boss/Business ~ Deceased
Leased to Oregon
For Sale
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