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Lima, OH
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Cosmo is one of our true foundation stallions, he changed the path of our program and stamped each of his foals with spectacular proper builds. You can find his foals in the showring and across the country. We have kept several of his foals for our future and since his son Taj has proven to be every bit his sire - we have decided to part with Cosmo. At this time he is under contract and it looks like he will be remaining at least partly in our program. Ask about breeding to this magnificent stallion and get a foal you'll be proud to own.
The Cosmic Force
14.1h Buckskin
**Imported in-utero - Watson bred**
$1000 stud fee - email for details
Proven sire - stamps his foals from a variety of mares.
Generous with his cream gene, find his foals in the showring.
Heavy bone, short back and lovely necks are a staple of his offspring.
Available Live Cover & AI - located in  Michigan
Contact for info:
Cosmo Photo Gallery - Click for larger pictures
~ Northern Lights Ali-Star Ghost~ '14 Filly out of Apple - Canada
~ Northern Lights Cosmic Revolution ~ '15 Colt Smoky Black Appy - out of Apple - Canada
~ Northern Lights Cosmic Warrior ~ '15 colt out of Gabbie - SD
~ Northern Lights Cosmic Cyclone of FHG ~ '14 colt out of Twister - owned by FHG Kansas
~ Northern Lights Venetian Gold ~ '14 colt out of Rose - CA
~ Northern Lights Cosmic Roulette ~ '13 filly out of Twister - OH
~ Northern Lights SuperNovae~ '12 filly out of Mystic - Status Unknown - name chagned to Moscato
~ Northern Lights Maserahti ~ '13 Filly out of Rose - location unknown
~ Northern Lights StarScream ~ '13 Colt out of E'rial - Wisconsin
~ Northern Lights Stella Artois ~ '12 Filly out of Apple - Utah
~ Northern Lights Twelve O'Clock Rock ~ '12 Colt out of Twister - often known as Rock of Golden Oak - Utah
~ Northern Lights High Volume ~ '13 filly out of Apple - Ohio
~ Northern Lights Mundi Argentum ~ '15 colt out of Cocoa - New York
~ Northern Lights Mirar Image ~ '15 colt out of Mira - Illinois
~ Northern Lights Cosmic Caper ~ '16 colt out of Rose - owned by NLR - Currently offered for sale
~ Northern Lights Cinnabun ~ '16 filly out of Candy - Michigan
~ Northern Lights Cos A Sensation ~ '14 mare out of Cocoa - Owned by Northern Lights
~ Northern Lights Cosmic Entertainment ~ '15 filly out of Marvel - Ohio
~ Northern Lights Cosmic Temptation ~ '16 filly out of Mira - owned by Northern Lights
~ Northern Lights Essence of Pearl ~ '14 filly out of E'rial - Ohio
~ Northern Lights Optimus Prime "Taj" ~ '13 colt out of Cocoa - owned by Northern Lights
Cosmo Offspring Photo Gallery - Click for larger pictures & Information
Amazing Horses in Cosmo Bloodlines - Click for larger pictures
~ Watsons Black Billy ~ Last known Ireland - Status Unknown
~ Billy Boy aka Christies Horse ~ Deceased
~ MF Golden Charm ~ Owned by Alaria Moss
~ The Lob Eared Horse ~ Status unknown
Now Co-Owned with L'Elegance in Michigan
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