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Charlie is the newest addition to the Stallion line up at Northern Lights Ranch.  This spectacular stallion is one we have had our eye on since 2012 when we first really saw him.  When the opportunity to bring Charlie here to the states presented itself in August of 2016, we just couldn't pass it up.  Everything was finalized the first week of September, and Charlie touched down in the USA in October.  He won't arrive here to the ranch until the end of November, but we are anxiously awaiting his arrival. 
Chywoon Remington
14.1h  Smoky Black Pearl Tobiano
EE / Tt / nCr/nPrl
**Imported from France**
$1500 stud fee
Charlie will always throw his Pearl or his Cream gene - it is a guarantee.
Single Tobiano - can produce solids as well.
Many spectacular foals produced overseas, and we own one of his daughters as well.
Introductory stud fee for '17 or those booked now for '18.
Photo Gallery - Click for larger pictures
Foxy des Pres Secs ~ 1.5 yo Double Pearl Tobiano Filly - Owned by Northern Lights Ranch - USA
Faith des Pres Secs ~ 1.5yo Double Pearl Tobiano filly - Owned by Royal  Gypsy Horse - Brazil
Ewyn des Pres Secs ~ 2yo Smoky Black Colt - Owned by Emilie Schildknecht - France
Eban des Pres Secs ~ 2yo Black Pearl Tobiano Colt - Owned by Les Pres Secs - France
Ealing des Pres Secs ~ Smoky Black Colt - France
Derwyn des Pres Secs ~ 18 mth old Bay Pearl Colt - France
Cheile des Pres Secs ~ 14 mth Bay Pearl filly - France
Gealan des Pres Secs ~ 12 day old Smoky Black colt - Owned by Les Pres Secs - France
Geille des Pres Secs ~ 6 mths Smoky Black Tobiano Filly - Owned by Ludovic Roux -France
Caenail des Pres Secs ~ Black Pearl Tobiano - France
Kinders Pistol In Pearl ~ 12hours old - Black Pearl Tobiano Colt - Bred by Kinders Jackpot Gypsy, WI, USA
Elowan des Pres Secs ~ Smoky Black Pearl filly - 1.5mths - France
Camaro du Vallon ~ Black Pearl Tobiano Stallion - Owned by Les Irish de l'Olympe - France
Charlie Offspring Photo Gallery - Click for larger pictures & Information
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