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Lima, OH
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Val is literally everything we could hope for in a gypsy mare... she has size, bloodlines, massive bone, feather, build and a gorgeous head from her dam.  Top that with a blanketted butt from her sire and this mare is a head turner.  We knew that Val would be staying with us from the day she was born... We are often asked if we will entertain offers on Val, and the answer is yes, but be advised, she won't leave here cheap and she won't go to just anyone. Our stunning girl was blessed with her dams refinment, her sires bulk and that amazing gypsy temperament.  She's a do anything kind of mare, all you have to do is ask. 
Northern Lights Twisted Carnivale
Black Blanketted Appaloosa
**Homebred filly by Masque x Twister**
Will be bred to Taj in the fall of '17
Incredible contrasting color, heavy feather, heavy bone, gorgeous head & build...
The bloodlines shine through in this mare, proven lines, and a culmination of breeding excellence.
Val will be crossed with Taj in the fall of '17, keep an eye out for this foal, we are expecting amazing.
You just don't find mares like this... Val is the whole package.
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