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We had almost bought Rose as a 3yo when she was first available, sadly things just didn't work out at the time.  When we came across an add for her filly some years later, we immediately contacted the seller.  As it turned out - Rose was also available.  Sadly - when we got there to get Rose we were in shock at her condition, she was rated a 1.5/9 on a BCS by our vet, and had a road ahead of her to get healthy again.  Since then Rose has given us several gorgeous and amazing proper Gypsy Foals, and she herself is Gypsy Royalty.  Her sire is BB King, an own Son of Gypsy King x Shampoo Girl... and her dam is the well known show champion mare Sterling Sylvia.  Rose is in foal to Taj for '17 and her '16 Colt by Cosmo is available for sale. We made the decision to sell Rose to the perfect home for her, based on our need to cut back, we wish her and her new mom all the best.  We have retained her '17 foal by Taj.
LS Rose Royce
14.3h Black Blagdon
**BB King daughter**
In foal to Taj for '17
Gypsy Royalty - own daughter of BB King, who is a son of Gypsy King x Shampoo Girl.
Absolutely incredible foals, this mare puts her build and presence on each foal she produces.
Big and blocky a mare to build a foundation from.
In foal to Taj for '17, foal possibly available.
Rose Photo Gallery - Click for larger pictures
~ Northern Lights Cosmic Caper ~ '16 Colt by Cosmo - FOR Sale by Northern Lights
~ Northern Lights Venetian Gold "Hemi" ~ '14 Colt by Cosmo - CA
~ Northern Lights Maserahti "Rahti" ~ '13 Filly by Cosmo - CA
Rose Offspring Photo Gallery - Click for larger pictures & Information
Amazing Horses in Rose Bloodlines - Click for larger pictures
~ BB King ~ Gypsy Gold - Florida
~ Gypsy King ~ credit Gypsy Gold - Deceased
~ Shampoo Girl ~ Gypsy Gold - Florida
~ Sterling Sylvia ~
~ Romany Rye ~ aka ~The White Horse ~
~ The Laughing Horse ~ aka ~ The Smiling Horse ~
~ The Walking Bank ~ aka ~ The Bank Mare ~
Sold - her '17 foal retained by Northern Lights
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