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Foxy is one of the newer additions to our lovely reduced herd, she was bred and born in France and was imported to the USA as a weanling. We aquired this beautiful mare in Fall of '16, and are quite pleased with what she will bring to our program. Foxy has incredible conformation, a spectacular refined head and while her lines mature a little later, we can't wait what the next year will bring for her. She has fluid free movement, well balanced and graceful, her head is absolutely stunning and her conformation is flawless. She will be an ideal match to our Taj.  Topping all of that off, Foxy is a Double Pearl daughter of Charlie and also carries an agouti gene.
Foxy des Pres Secs
Double Pearl Bay
**Imported from France**
Will be bred to Taj in Fall of '17
Double Pearl w/agouti - will always throw Pearl.
Refined head, gorgeous conformation, incredible graceful movement, a perfect match to our Taj.
Imported daughter of our own Charlie.
Look for her foal by Taj in the Fall/Winter of 2018
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~ Chywoon Remington ~ Owned by Northern Lights
~ San Cler Beth ~ Owned by Les Pres Secs - France
~ Broomhouse Tilly ~
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